Electronic mail or e-mail is an internet service that allows those people who have an e-mail account to send electronic letters. Those are much like postal letters. They are delivered much faster. It is actually the transition of text messages through electronic tools. E-mail is delivered to an individual’s e-mail box. To send or receive an email, we need a device like a computer, phone, etc. connected to the internet and an e-mail program simply called mailer.

Several formats exist for e-mail addresses. The most common, called RFC 2922 looks like [email protected] Messages through E-mail are sent mostly by text, and sometimes by HTML style. Some companies let users send and receive emails for free from a remote website. Gmail, Hotmail, ProtonMail, Yandex mail, AOL, Outlook, iCloud Mail, Zoho Mail, and Yahoo are among the many that do this kind of “web mail”. It helps to communicate for various purposes among different countries and people of different countries within a moment. It makes our world a global village.

It saves our time and the consumption of paper. It helps to copy prepared files on computers instantly. It helps students to get the required information and to prepare their lessons. It is very helpful for trade and commerce to transmit business messages from one country to another within a second.

It is much cheaper than any other communication system. But with regular mail, users may get a lot of unwanted mail. With e-mail, this is called spam. Some programs used for sending and receiving mail can detect spam and filter it out near completely. So, privacy must be ensured at the time of delivering e-mail. It is the blessing of science indeed.

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