The Egyptians believed that after people died they would go to another world. In that world, they thought, people would still need many of the things they had on earth. Their kings had many wonderful treasures and these were buried with them.

The kings were not buried in the open ground or in graveyards, but in great buildings, or tombs called pyramids, which can still be seen today, were made of stone. Inside, there are secret doors which lead to secret passages and then to a secret chamber. There the body was preserved so that it would go on looking the same for thousands of years. These preserved bodies are called mummies. The mummy and all the pharaoh’s treasures were locked in the secret chamber. Many of the secret chambers have been found. Some of the mummies of all were those of Pharaoh Tutankhamen and these are now in Government Museum in Cairo.

Although the rich people in Egypt enjoyed many wonderful things, poor people led very hard lives. The pyramids were built by slaves. Moving the great stones in the hot sun was terribly hard work and the slaves were treated very cruelly. Those slaves who made the secret entrances to the tomb were killed when the work was finished, so as to make sure that they would not tell others what they knew.

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