A mobile phone is a small device which can be carried easily from one place to another place. It is used to communicate with others. We can easily communicate with our near and dear ones with a twinkle of an eye by means of a mobile phone. We can talk to our relatives with the help of a mobile phone and be free from tension and anxiety. The businessman, politicians, professionals, journalists, doctors, administrators, planners can communicate with the concerned people, exchange views and massage, ideas through mobile phones. It is used to send and receive massage, play games and sports, know the time and date, solve the work of mathematical calculation, get information about business and trade and learn about news. But like other inventions of science, the mobile phone is not an unmixed blessing. With all the advantages, it has some disadvantages too. Excessive use of mobile may cause cancer or affect our listening ability. Young guys pass most of their time taking over the mobile phone. It may also help the criminals to commit crimes very secretly. sometimes terrorists use mobile phones to conduct their acts of terrorism. But with all disadvantages, a mobile phone is very useful and helpful to the people of the modern world.

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